Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe

Who was Miss Gayton?

I’m interested because there is a tune known in the folk fraternity by this name, and a step dance collected by Tom & Joan Flett from  a family of dancing teachers in Ayrshire in the 1950s … and also a ballet dancer by this name who was a big star for just one year (1808) before making a very advantageous marriage and leaving the stage forever. How the two are linked is proving very interesting.

This tune was also featured on a barrel-organ taken by Sir William Edward Parry on his Polar expeditions 1819-1825. The barrel-organ contained many pieces of dance music, designed to provide the crew with some healthy diversion whilst ice-bound over the winter months.

A current research project … come back later for more info!

October 2020 – I’m thrilled that dancer Simon Harmer is using some of my research into Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe  in his project Step Your Way.