Private tuition

Private tuition: one-to-one lessons on the melodeon (D/G or C /D/G one-row)

Every player is different and I will work with you from your starting point and try to go in the direction you are interested in, rather than having a set sequence of lessons that may not suit you. I personally work mostly by ear, but recognise and include a range of different learning styles in my lessons.

I am very happy to work with all abilities, from complete beginners onwards. I fully understand that syndrome of “but I could play it perfectly in my kitchen this morning” that affects everyone when they sit down with a teacher!

A series of three one-hour sessions is ideal for covering the basics and seeing where you want to go next, although you are welcome to book just one lesson as a taster.

“Someone passed on a melodeon to me during Lockdown, and Katie was recommended as a teacher. She’s fun, positive, patient and knowledgeable. Her choice of music is just right and stretches me a little further each lesson. I receive notes from our lessons, music to print off and audio files. I look forward to my Zoom lessons with her.”

Platform: Zoom. You are welcome to record each lesson for your personal use afterwards.

Times: One hour lessons, dates and times to be agreed. No set intervals, though I would suggest a minimum of one a month in order to keep up the momentum.

Costs: £40 for a single lesson, or £100 for a series of three. Students outside the UK also welcome, costs will be slightly more to cover currency conversion fees.

Structure: Each lesson will contain a mixture of discussion, listening and playing, exercises and tunes. Students will be supplied with musical scores and/or recordings to learn from, with tunes selected to suit your taste and abilities. A summary of points covered in each lesson is sent to you afterwards by email, and extra resources such as relevant articles or recordings are often sent too.

Example of coverage for an absolute beginner (Lessons 1-3):

  • melodeon layout
  • terminology
  • how to hold the instrument effectively and safely
  • fingering conventions
  • basic scale (and an introduction to other keys)
  • conventional and melodeon-specific notation
  • learning and playing by ear
  • listening suggestions & resources
  • Q&A
  • an exercise and/or simple tune in each session
  • learning resources after each lesson (lesson summary and sound file and / or notation)

I have over 25 years experience of teaching people to play the D/G and single-row melodeon. As a former teacher and trainer of teachers, I’m able to incorporate skills I’ve acquired through practice (and also through the study of different learning styles). Structured learning, building in development and outcomes, individualised learning techniques and plans all form part of my teaching toolkit, plus a sense of humour and empathy!

If you think you might be interested in some private tuition, please get in touch via the Contact   page. It would be useful for me to know what model of melodeon/accordion you have, and I will ask you a few more questions when you get in touch, to find out what you are looking for from lessons.