Tuition on the melodeon (D/G or one-row)

I offer one-to-one online tuition, with teaching tailored to each individual student’s needs.  More details about private tuition here.

I also teach at workshops and festivals – details about this aspect are here.

I have taught traditional music on the melodeon (both C single-row and D/G two-row) for 25 years. I have taught for all the major folk development organisations in England and a couple of further-flung commissions to Aberdeen and the Netherlands.  From 2001-2017 I taught, designed and managed evening classes for the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust and I also programmed and managed the much-loved and respected Melodeons and More for EATMT in the same period.

Workshop opportunities coming up in 2021: 

November 19th-21st 2021: Witney Supersqueeze, Witney, Oxfordshire A long-established event now catering for melodeons, accordions, piano accordions and all systems of concertina. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve taught there now, maybe this might be my tenth? I’ve always got something fresh though, and it’s always a lovely weekend. The photo below is from the 2018 “sharing” concert where we had a bit of stepdancing and a jig doll as well as the music!