Tuition opportunities coming up:

April 18th-19th 2020: Melodeons-on-Sea, Harwich, Essex New event, choice of two levels of classes each day with myself & Simon Care teaching on DG melodeon in a great location.

November 14th-15th 2020: Witney Supersqueeze, Witney, Oxfordshire Well-established event now catering for melodeons, accordions, piano accordions and all systems of concertina. Lost count how many times I’ve taught there now, maybe this might be my tenth? Always got something fresh though, and always a lovely weekend.

I have taught traditional music on the melodeon (both C single-row and D/G two-row) for 25 years.

As a former teacher and trainer of teachers, I’m able to incorporate skills I’ve acquired through practice (and also through the study of learning styles) when teaching adults to learn music by ear. Structured learning, building in development and outcomes, individualised learning techniques and plans all form part of my teaching toolkit, plus a sense of humour and empathy!

I have taught for all the major folk development organisations in England and a couple of further-flung commissions to Aberdeen and the Netherlands. See my Biography page if you want to know any more.

I taught, designed and managed evening classes for the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust from 2001-2017. This included training some younger tutors. I also programmed and managed the much-loved and respected Melodeons and More annual workshop event for EATMT in the same period.

If you would be interested in some one-to-one tuition or inviting me to run a workshop at your festival or other event, please get in touch via the Contact  page.

Previous subjects have included both repertoire and technique – here are a few examples with suggested levels (B = Inexperienced; I = Intermediate; E = experienced):

If It Ain’t Got that Swing – how to ensure your playing has oomph even if it ain’t got oompah (I/E)

Fast Hornpipes for Stepdancing – the East Anglian stepdance repertoire (E)

Waltzing over the Waters – waltzes from near and far (B/I)

Quirky tunes (I/E)

Stretching Your Fingers – using the full reach of the keyboard (single-row or two-row) (I)

Crossing Rows for Chords on the D/G box (I)

Tunes in More than One Key (B/I)

Making the Most of One Row (B/I)

An introduction to East Anglian music (B/I)

An introduction to Sliabh Luachra music for D/G players (E)

In the Mood (B/I/E)

Out of the Comfort Zone – playing in second position (I/E)

Investigating Bass Rhythms (I)

Pace and Place – Polkas from Here and There – investigating different styles of polka playing (I/E)

Other subjects are available by negotiation. If you commission me for some teaching, you will get a custom-made workshop. As an example,  in February 2018, I developed a set of classes looking at different styles of polkas (from Suffolk, Cork and Newfoundland) to fit in with the theme at the Borderbox event.

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