• The Heyday of the Dulcimer in East Anglia (current)

First presented at the World Dulcimer Congress (2015) and subsequently at the  EFDSS Vaughan Williams Memorial Library and Sidmouth Folk Festival. Joint presentation with John Howson. Fully illustrated with slides, recordings and instruments.

  • Traditional music, song and dance in East Anglia (current)

This can be a general overview or it can be adapted to focus either on specific localities within East Anglia, or on instrumental music and musicians / dance  and dancers / songs and singers, according to interests. Fully illustrated with slides, recordings and live music if desired.

  • Vaughan Williams in East Anglia (current)

The quintessential English composer collected his first folksong in Essex in 1903 and went on to collect many hundreds more songs from rural singers. This talk can be generalised to East Anglia, Suffolk or Norfolk or more specifically to Southwold, south Norfolk, King’s Lynn (or the Broads – in preparation) and includes much information about the singers and their social background. Fully illustrated.

  • ‘Jollyboys and Limberjacks’ (current)

An illustrated talk and demonstration about the history of the jig doll in the British Isles. Fully illustrated.

  • Women in English traditional music (being updated). Fully illustrated with slides, recordings and live music.
  • ‘I Looked East and I Looked West’ – An Irish fiddler in Norfolk – Julia Clifford (in preparation). Fully illustrated with slides, recordings and live music.

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